You can have your cake and eat it too!

Simple, easy and transparent with no hidden fees. Our compensation package is geared to maximize the economic benefits to you. Achieve greater success faster, only at Realty ONE Group.

You Win At ONE!

100% Simple Program.
$150 Monthly Admin/Site Fee.

A low monthly fee gives you access to all the tools, systems, support, office, and coolture.
Then, you pay as you produce with a very competitive low fee per transaction*.

*$275 per $200K plus $250 Admin Fee

More than a check, this is about winning!

We have created an interactive tool for you to see how much money you are leaving behind in each transaction.

You deserve to have it all. More money, more time, more tools, more support and more WOW from your brand. At Realty ONE Group, our YOU-first focus means you get all of it and you could keep more money. How much more? Let us show you.

Legal Disclaimer: Realty ONE Group is committed to providing services and commissions that enhance the careers of our business professionals. Please note that the information and figures presented in this document are hypothetical and intended for educational purposes. Figures may vary by location and are subject to change. Realty ONE Group is not making any claims or guarantees as to income you may earn. Please do not assume that you will earn the income figures depicted herein. Contact your nearest Realty ONE Group office for further information.

Free Private

For a limited time, get a private consultation with our Designated Broker. It’s zero compromise and totally confidential.

More money means more marketing budget for your business!

Jennifer J. Fry

Realty ONE Group

What I appreciate about being at Realty ONE Group is that I get to keep the commission I earned in my pocket. I was once told by a broker that his cut of MY SALES alone paid for his $100,000 swimming pool. The office manager went on to say that I could think of it as keeping the 4 staff members employed because the amount I paid in fees equaled the salary of all 4 employees. Here at Realty ONE Group I pay a transaction fee and the rest goes back to my family and charities of choice. I am in control of where my money goes and that is the first step to FINANCIAL FREEDOM.

Gilbert Garza Jr.

Realty ONE Group

When Realty ONE Group says they are a 100% brokerage, they mean it. There are monthly fees that we pay however, I don’t look at them as fees but as assets and tools that help us in our endeavors. Everytime I see my check that I strive really hard for, I am happy to not have a heavy burden on my shoulders of having to pay the brokerage a split of the money that I worked hard for.

Shana Sawyer

Realty ONE Group

Realty ONE Group is absolutely the best office and firm to work with, along with the staff. The amount of online classes and the various other perks are amazing, and much more than I have seen with any other company. Additionally, we keep the majority of our commissions, while also having a nice office with a feeling of being part of a “Team.”


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